Firstly, congratulations on your upcoming family wedding!

Marilena Gabriel can take the stress out of this special time by helping you design and create a breath-taking mother of the bride dress, crafted from the finest, luxurious materials.

Who Is Marilena Gabriel?

With extensive experience creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces, Marilena is a highly regarded master dressmaker. She utilises inspired creativity, elegant fabrics and intricate details to create stylish gowns and dresses. If you have been searching for a couture dressmaker that crafts Mother of the Bride dresses that flatter your figure and inspire confidence with elegant detailing, you are going to love the first-rate dressmaking services of Marilena Gabriel.

Even as the age of the average Sydney bride continues to climb, Marilena can make each Mother of the Bride look younger than ever. Using the finest fabrics, Marilena and her hand-picked team of master dressmakers create timeless dresses that marry elegant styles, delicate tailoring and majestic detailing.

Whether your family wedding will be an ornate, formal occasion set in one of Sydney's grandest function rooms, or a simple affair, Marilena will design a dress that perfectly complements your figure and the occasion.

Marilena Gabriel specialises in high-end Mother of the Bride dresses for discerning clientele that desire the ultimate in style and sophistication. Regardless of your size or the formality of the occasion, Marilena will use her refined skills to design and create the perfect gown to perfectly accentuate your figure.

Family weddings stay in the memory forever, how do you want to look in the photographs?

For your perfect Mother of the Bride dress for an auspicious Sydney wedding, rely on the expert workmanship and innovative designs of Marilena Gabriel. Each garment is hand-finished and combines craftsmanship with creativity to inspire confidence on your family's special day.

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5 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Mother Of The Bride Dress

1) Let The Bride Be Your Guide - Your daughter is the key to choosing your perfect Mother of the Bride dress. It is her special day and there has undoubtedly been a lot of planning, stressing and deliberating to choose the perfect palette for the event and in identifying the all important bridal dress. While you do not have to explicitly follow the style and colour of the bridal party, take inspiration from the hues and cuts of the bridal and bridesmaid dresses to ensure that you complement the bridal party in the all-important photographs.

The bride may have strong feelings about certain shades such as bold reds, stark whites and blacks. Consult with her and do your best to respect her wishes. Occasionally, there can be a delicate balance between choosing a dress that best suits the colour spectrum of the bridesmaid's dresses and choosing a dress that you love. Thankfully, Marilena has extensive experience assisting Mothers of the Bride to design and create dresses that can please everyone in the wedding party.

2) Start Early - No matter the size of a wedding, there is always a lot of planning. Don't add extra stress by leaving the decision of what you will wear to the last minute. Not only will this add extra pressure to what should be a joyful time, but it can result in your not feeling satisfied when you look back at what you were wearing in the pictures.

Marilena Gabriel takes the time to really envision your perfect dress and has the skills, experience and expertise to bring it to reality. Call Marilena today on 0417 231 617 and get started in designing your perfect Mother of the Bride dress. You won't regret it!

3) Stand Out From The Crowd - Do you really need a traditional Mother of the Bride dress? In years past, Mothers of the Bride were expected to stick to a very matronly dress in bland colours. But times have changed dramatically! If you are looking for a stock-standard Mother of the Bride dress you might be limiting your potential creativity. This is an opportunity for you to look refined and elegant, but the style has to match your unique personality.

One of the reasons why so many Sydney Mother of the Brides love Marilena Gabriel Sydney Dressmakers is that they can create intricate couture dresses that perfectly express your unique style. Call Marilena on 0417 231 617 and see what amazing creation the team can design for you.

4) Highlight Your Assets - As a master designer and dressmaker, Marilena can carefully craft a dress that will inspire confidence and create an elegant silhouette. Whether you are looking for a nipped-in waistline, a fitted bodice or a sleeveless dress to show off your toned arms, Marilena takes the time to design a gown that shows off your best assets. Don't settle for a stock-standard dress that every other lady is going to be wearing at your daughter's special day. This is a time for celebration and for you to look your best!

5) Spoil Yourself – Your daughter's wedding is a special occasion, so don't skimp on the luxurious options. Makeup, hair and accessories can all add that extra wow impact to your outfit. Even though everyone's eyes are going to be on the bride, this is an event of celebration, so spoil yourself by having your hair and makeup professionally done. You will never regret it when you look back on the photographs in the years to come.

What Other Services Does Marilena Gabriel Provide?

Marilena is not your standard Sydney dressmaker. With an extensive back-catalogue of custom made beautiful gowns and dresses, Marilena and her team of master seamstresses and tailors create one-off masterpieces designed for you.

No matter the event, Marilena can make your dream dress come to life. Bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, formal dresses and special event dresses. See her range of elegant evening dresses and bespoke day wear. With the finest silks, intricate laces, beading and crystals, the Sydney Dressmakers can design and craft an inspirational masterpiece that provides you with the perfect silhouette.

Call Marilena today to discuss your dream dress and book a private consultation to discuss your requirements and get a costing for your Mother of the Bride dress.

In order to appreciate the outstanding skills of Marilena, come and explore the galleries of some of the bridesmaid dresses that the team has created.